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Offering Resources that Support Well Being and Investigate a Mindful Life 
         that includes Loving Kindness in Words and Actions.

  • To Inspire the Awakening of our True Nature and Connection to All There Is

  • To Actively Nurture a Compassionate, Joyful and Healing Relationship with Ourselves, Each Other, the Earth, and All Living Things


Compassionate &
Conscious Living


Plant-Based Diet


Where Ever You are on this Journey

Honoring our selves, all living beings and the natural world
leads to harmonious relationships.

As we experience deeper connections with our world,
we open our hearts to a compassionate life.

As our lives reflect this awakening,
we begin to make choices that embody the truth of our being.

Each individual’s journey unfolds in its own way.

We deeply respect this and encourage individuals
to explore living from one’s true nature and what it means for them
to make compassionate and conscious choices.

Our first Awakening
is the discovery of our true nature
as compassionate presence.

The second Awakening
is ongoing as we begin to live this truth
in every aspect of our lives.

The deeper we live this,
bringing our compassionate presence to all life,
the more whole, complete and joyful
we feel moment to moment.

~ Norman Scrimshaw

When I embrace all that I am,
my heart opens
and the illusion of my separateness dissolves.

Living passionately from this place
often begins with courage
and then emerges
as a heart-centered journey
with no return.

~ Cynthia Scrimshaw